Pre-reader And Learn to Read 17-Practice Pack Bundle with 1 Year App Access (3 yrs+)  

Practice Packs correlate directly with the Hooked on Phonics App (available on Apple, Android and Amazon devices) to provide essential hands-on practice with essential reading and writing skills. The Pre-reader bundle is appropriate for children ages 3 and up, or those who have not yet mastered letter names, letter sounds and rhyming, the essential foundational skills for reading. Star stickers are included with each Pack to celebrate important reading milestones! 

What you get all together: 

  • 1 Year of App Access for up to three children 
  • Seventeen 32-page Workbooks 
  • 35 Storybooks, tailor-made to fit reading skills 
  • Celebration Stickers 
  • ABC Flashcards 

Pre-reader Steps 1 & 2: Lowercase letters a, m, t, s, f, i, with letter-writing practice; rhyming games and more with ABC flash cards 

Included books: Pop Pop Pop, The Letter Hunt 

Pre-reader Steps 3 & 4: Lowercase letters d, r, o, g, l 

Included books: The Cereal Box, Follow That Ball 

Pre-reader Steps 5 & 6: Lowercase letters u, c, b, n, v, h Included books: Night is Right for Me, The Party 

Pre-reader Steps 7, 8 & 9: Lowercase letters: e, w, j, p, y, x, q, z 

Books include: Whacky Jack, Make Room for Zelda 

Pre-reader Steps 10, 11 & 12: Capital letters; vowel sounds: a, e, i, o and u 

Included storybooks: Swim With Dolphins (highlights vowel sounds), Camper Kim (features capital letters) 

Learn to Read Steps 1 & 2: Short a vowel sounds at, an, ap, ad, am, and ag; blending sounds to read single-syllable words; commonly used sight words: he, a, the, no, and 

Included books: Tag, Cat 

Learn to Read Steps 3 & 4: Short i vowel sounds ig, id, it, ip, im; blending new letter sounds to read single syllable words; sight words: has, is, on, she, what, this, they, go 

Included books: Pig, The Kit 

Learn to Read Steps 5 & 6: Blending short a and i vowel sounds, ab, ix, and ill sounds; how to add -s at the end of a word 

Included books: Tim and Sam, The Rats 

Learn to Read Steps 7 & 8: Short o vowel sounds ot, op, ox, ob, and og; blending sounds to read single syllable words; sight words: here, that, see, and are 

Included Books: Pop Fox, The Fog 

Learn to Read Steps 9 & 10: Short u vowel sounds ug, un, ut, ub, and up; sight words: like, to, me, who, my, and of 

Included books: Dog Bug, Fun in the Sun 

Learn to Read Steps 11 & 12: Short vowel e sounds ed, en, et, eg, and ell; adding -ck to the end of words; sight words said, was, with, you, then, and be 

Included books: Big Bad Ben, Pig’s Backpack, Ted 

Learn to Read Steps 13 & 14: Beginning consonant digraphs (ch, sh, th, and wh); beginning consonant blends (st, sn, sm, sp, sc, and sk); sight words: play, says, over, hard 

Included books: Slim Sam, Ben the Dog 

Learn to Read Steps 15 & 16: More consonant blends: sw, st, fl, gl, cl, bl, pl, gr, fr, br, cr, and pr; sight words: ride, blue, there, very, could, we, car, way, which, right, love, hello 

Included books: Lucky For Me, The Wild Car Ride 

Learn to Read Steps 17 & 18: Decoding two-syllable words by breaking words into syllables; beginning consonant blends and digraphs: dr, tr, qu, and more 

Included books: Fred’s Red Hat; Good Job, Dennis 

Learn to Read Steps 19 & 20: Ending consonant blends: mp, nd, ng, nt, nk, st, sp, sk, ft, lk, lt; sight words: make, goes, want, first, begin, her, to, more 

Included books: Chick-Chick the Ping Pong Champ, Over My Head 

Learn to Read Steps 21 & 22: Inflectional endings: -ing, -er, -ly, -es, and -ed; decoding more two-syllable words 

Included books: The Case of the Missing Sandwich, The Little Ghost 

Learn to Read Steps 23 & 24: Words with final -e and long vowels: a, e, i, o, u; common long-vowel teams: ee, ea, ow, oa 

Included books: Kate and the Talent Show, My Giant Bunny 

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