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Learn to Read 15-Practice Pack Bundle with 1 Year App Access (5 yrs+)

Practice Packs correlate directly with the Hooked on Phonics App (available on Apple, Android and Amazon devices) to provide essential hands-on practice with essential reading and writing skills. The Learn to Read bundle is appropriate for children ages 5 and up, or those currently reading at a kindergarten level. Star stickers are included with each Pack to celebrate important reading milestones!

What you get all together:   

  • Fifteen 32-page Workbooks 
  • 31 Storybooks, tailor-made to fit reading skills 
  • 1 Year of App Access for up to three children 
  • Celebration Stickers 

Learn to Read Steps 1 & 2: Short a vowel sounds at, an, ap, ad, am, and ag; blending sounds to read single-syllable words; commonly used sight words: he, a, the, no, and

Included books: Tag, Cat

Learn to Read Steps 3 & 4: Short i vowel sounds ig, id, it, ip, im; blending new letter sounds to read single syllable words; sight words: has, is, on, she, what, this, they, go

Included books: Pig, The Kit

Learn to Read Steps 5 & 6: Blending short a and i vowel sounds, ab, ix, and ill sounds; how to add -s at the end of a word

Included books: Tim and Sam, The Rats

Learn to Read Steps 7 & 8: Short o vowel sounds ot, op, ox, ob, and og; blending sounds to read single syllable words; sight words: here, that, see, and are

Included Books: Pop Fox, The Fog

Learn to Read Steps 9 & 10: Short u vowel sounds ug, un, ut, ub, and up; sight words: like, to, me, who, my, and of

Included books: Dog Bug, Fun in the Sun

Learn to Read Steps 11 & 12: Short vowel e sounds ed, en, et, eg, and ell; adding -ck to the end of words; sight words said, was, with, you, then, and be

Included books: Big Bad Ben, Pig’s Backpack, Ted

Learn to Read Steps 13 & 14: Beginning consonant digraphs (ch, sh, th, and wh); beginning consonant blends (st, sn, sm, sp, sc, and sk); sight words: play, says, over, hard

Included books: Slim Sam, Ben the Dog

Learn to Read Steps 15 & 16: More consonant blends: sw, st, fl, gl, cl, bl, pl, gr, fr, br, cr, and pr; sight words: ride, blue, there, very, could, we, car, way, which, right, love, hello

Included books: Lucky For Me, The Wild Car Ride

Learn to Read Steps 17 & 18: Decoding two-syllable words by breaking words into syllables; beginning consonant blends and digraphs: dr, tr, qu, and more

Included books: Fred’s Red Hat; Good Job, Dennis

Learn to Read Steps 19 & 20: Ending consonant blends: mp, nd, ng, nt, nk, st, sp, sk, ft, lk, lt; sight words: make, goes, want, first, begin, her, to, more

Included books: Chick-Chick the Ping Pong Champ, Over My Head

Learn to Read Steps 21 & 22: Inflectional endings: -ing, -er, -ly, -es, and -ed; decoding more two-syllable words

Included books: The Case of the Missing Sandwich, The Little Ghost

Learn to Read Steps 23 & 24: Words with final -e and long vowels: a, e, i, o, u; common long-vowel teams: ee, ea, ow, oa

Included books: Kate and the Talent Show, My Giant Bunny

Learn to Read Steps 25 & 26: Words ending with y; soft c and g sounds; common long-vowel teams: ai and ay; and r-controlled vowels

Include books: Farm Day, Surf's Up

Learn to Read Steps 27 & 28: R-controlled vowels, long- and short-vowel teams, diphthongs (oy, oi, ou, ow)

Included books: Smart Shark, This Book Is Broken

Learn to Read Steps 29 & 30: Long- and short vowel teams; three-letter blends; and silent-letter combinations

The Swish-Smacker Dirt Hacker; Shoes in the Night

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