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HOP-hip-hooray! Start your child's reading adventure with the fun-loving characters from the Hooked on Phonics App. These exclusive books are designed for you to read to your child, written in lively verse that intentionally incorporates words and pictures that start with the letter sounds featured in the workbooks, early reading comprehension, and also building vocabulary. But each book is also an engaging story on its own. 

Written in rhythmic rhyme, the story A Lot to Celebrate can be used as a springboard to talk to your child about seeing the positives in any situation, featuring words and pictures that begin with specific letter sounds, so the learning takes place on multiple levels. HOP-hip-hooray!

The tale Chow Fixes It highlights the importance of helping others. Don't forget that as you enjoy the books together, you're not just helping your child learn to read, you're helping your child love to read!

The story Good Work! explores the idea that everyone has something special to contribute to a group project.

Zola Rides a Raft reminds readers that it is important to overcome fears when trying new activities. As you read the books together, encourage your child to point out letters and sounds to support the letter learning in the App. 

 The journey begins with the book What an Extraordinary Trip! Pack your bags! It's time to go on a reading expedition with the delightful animal crew from the Hooked on Phonics App. We all know that travel plans often change, so keep the discussion going with the story Go With the Flow. It may help your child see that even unplanned experiences are fun. Enjoy the rollicking verse, have fun with letters and their sounds, and get ready to zoom away on the road to reading.

The fun begins with the book The Beastie Bugs, which highlights the importance of not exaggerating stories. Then it's meerkat mayhem with One Can Be Fun, a tale that illustrates the importance of spending time alone. Your child will be listening for words with long vowel sounds and looking for words that begin with uppercase letters. And of course, you'll both be sharing in the important experience of reading together.


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