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Hooked on Education App Ultimate Pack 

Practice Packs correlate directly with the Hooked On Apps (available on Apple, Android, desktop, and Amazon devices) to provide essential hands-on practice with essential reading, writing, math, and spelling skills. The Hooked on Phonics Practice Packs and App are appropriate for children ages 3 and up, or those who have not yet mastered letter names, letter sounds and rhyming, the essential foundational skills for reading. Star stickers are included with each Pack to celebrate important reading milestones! The Hooked on Math Practice Packs and App are appropriate for those who can count from 1-20, count up to 20 objects, and grasp concepts such as more and less. Lastly, the Hooked on Spelling Practice Pack and App are appropriate for those who understand their letters and are looking to build their spelling foundation. 

What you get all together:

  • 20 32-page Hooked on Phonics Workbooks
  • 15 Hooked on Math Workbooks 
  • 2 Hooked on Spelling Workbooks 
  • 1 Hooked on Spelling Activity Book 
  • 41 Storybooks, tailor-made to fit reading skills
  • 30 unique themed math storybooks 
  • 1 Year of App Access for up to three children to the Hooked On App universe 
  • Celebration Stickers
  • ABC Flashcards

Pre-reader Steps 1 & 2: Lowercase letters a, m, t, s, f, i, with letter-writing practice; rhyming games and more with ABC flash cards

Included books: Pop Pop Pop, The Letter Hunt

Pre-reader Steps 3 & 4: Lowercase letters d, r, o, g, l

Included books: The Cereal Box, Follow That Ball

Pre-reader Steps 5 & 6: Lowercase letters u, c, b, n, v, h

Included books: Night is Right for Me, The Party

Pre-reader Steps 7, 8 & 9: Lowercase letters: e, w, j, p, y, x, q, z

Books include: Whacky Jack, Make Room for Zelda

Pre-reader Steps 10, 11 & 12: Capital letters; vowel sounds: a, e, i, o and u

Included storybooks: Swim With Dolphins (highlights vowel sounds), Camper Kim (features capital letters)

Learn to Read Steps 1 & 2: Short a vowel sounds at, an, ap, ad, am, and ag; blending sounds to read single-syllable words; commonly used sight words: he, a, the, no, and

Included books: Tag, Cat

Learn to Read Steps 3 & 4: Short i vowel sounds ig, id, it, ip, im; blending new letter sounds to read single syllable words; sight words: has, is, on, she, what, this, they, go

Included books: Pig, The Kit

Learn to Read Steps 5 & 6: Blending short a and i vowel sounds, ab, ix, and ill sounds; how to add -s at the end of a word

Included books: Tim and Sam, The Rats

Learn to Read Steps 7 & 8: Short o vowel sounds ot, op, ox, ob, and og; blending sounds to read single syllable words; sight words: here, that, see, and are

Included Books: Pop Fox, The Fog

Learn to Read Steps 9 & 10: Short u vowel sounds ug, un, ut, ub, and up; sight words: like, to, me, who, my, and of

Included books: Dog Bug, Fun in the Sun

Learn to Read Steps 11 & 12: Short vowel e sounds ed, en, et, eg, and ell; adding -ck to the end of words; sight words said, was, with, you, then, and be

Included books: Big Bad Ben, Pig’s Backpack, Ted

Learn to Read Steps 13 & 14: Beginning consonant digraphs (ch, sh, th, and wh); beginning consonant blends (st, sn, sm, sp, sc, and sk); sight words: play, says, over, hard

Included books: Slim Sam, Ben the Dog

Learn to Read Steps 15 & 16: More consonant blends: sw, st, fl, gl, cl, bl, pl, gr, fr, br, cr, and pr; sight words: ride, blue, there, very, could, we, car, way, which, right, love, hello

Included books: Lucky For Me, The Wild Car Ride

Learn to Read Steps 17 & 18: Decoding two-syllable words by breaking words into syllables; beginning consonant blends and digraphs: dr, tr, qu, and more

Included books: Fred’s Red Hat; Good Job, Dennis

Learn to Read Steps 19 & 20: Ending consonant blends: mp, nd, ng, nt, nk, st, sp, sk, ft, lk, lt; sight words: make, goes, want, first, begin, her, to, more

Included books: Chick-Chick the Ping Pong Champ, Over My Head

Learn to Read Steps 21 & 22: Inflectional endings: -ing, -er, -ly, -es, and -ed; decoding more two-syllable words

Included books: The Case of the Missing Sandwich, The Little Ghost

Learn to Read Steps 23 & 24: Words with final -e and long vowels: a, e, i, o, u; common long-vowel teams: ee, ea, ow, oa

Included books: Kate and the Talent Show, My Giant Bunny

Learn to Read Steps 25 & 26: Words ending with y; soft c and g sounds; common long-vowel teams: ai and ay; and r-controlled vowels

Include books: Farm Day, Surf's Up

Learn to Read Steps 27 & 28: R-controlled vowels, long- and short-vowel teams, diphthongs (oy, oi, ou, ow)

Included books: Smart Shark, This Book Is Broken

Learn to Read Steps 29 & 30: Long- and short vowel teams; three-letter blends; and silent-letter combinations

The Swish-Smacker Dirt Hacker; Shoes in the Night 

Math Fundamentals Steps 1, 2, & 3:

The first pack in the Math Fundamentals level includes the Steps 1, 2, & 3 Workbook, which reinforces number sense, introduces the basics of addition to 10, and builds confidence with math facts. A sheet of star stickers allows your child to celebrate milestones within the workbook. The pack also includes The Lemonade Stand, a sticker-storybook that provides a hands-on way to experience addition. A second storybook, Ten Pups, offers a heartwarming way to visualize the idea of “making ten.” 

Math Fundamentals Steps 4 & 5: 

Math Fundamentals Steps 4 & 5 Workbook demonstrates the basics of subtraction to 10, introduces skills such as counting back on a number line, and presents practice with subtraction facts. Mark milestones in your child’s workbook with a sheet of star stickers included with the pack, and enjoy the storybooks Chow the Magician, which integrates the core concepts of fact families, and the fun-to-read story The Alien Picnic, which displays counting back on a number line. 

Math Fundamentals Steps 6 & 7: 

As learners progress, their knowledge of math facts needs to be complemented with different strategies for using those facts with larger numbers. Math Fundamentals Steps 6 & 7 Workbook demonstrates different addition and subtraction strategies—including adding numbers in any order, doubles, and counting on or back to add or subtract—to give learners the tools to begin solving equations with double-digit numbers. The included sheet of star stickers can be used to note progress in the workbook, while this pack also includes A Day at the Beach sticker-storybook, which uses stickers to explore the part-part-whole strategy, and the delightful story The Carnival, which incorporates different strategies for solving addition problems. 

Math Fundamentals Steps 8 & 9: 

Math Fundamentals Steps 8 & 9 Workbook reaches new heights as learners explore up to 100 and beyond on the hundred chart, learn about place value for tens and ones, are introduced to place value blocks, and then practice skip counting. The introduction of these basic concepts sets the stage for working with larger numbers in the future. Your child’s achievements can be noted with the included star stickers. The learning is also presented in unique ways with the storybooks. Kazoo and the Seed is a delightful story that demonstrates counting with place value blocks, while 100 Fingers for 100 Day is a lively story that incorporates skip counting to celebrate the 100th day of school. 

Math Fundamentals Steps 10 & 11: 

Math Fundamentals Steps 10 & 11 Workbook caps off the Math Fundamentals level by diving further into the concept of place value, which sets the stage for solving simple two-digit addition and subtraction problems. As always, celebrate success with the included star stickers! Then have fun reading The Seesaw, a delightfully silly story that illustrates two- and three-digit number comparisons, and The Collector, a storybook that details double-digit addition and subtraction while encouraging readers to look and find. 

Numbers & Counting Steps 1, 2, & 3: 

The first pack in the Numbers and Counting level includes the Steps 1, 2, & 3 Workbook, which introduces young learners to numbers 1 through 10 and offers their first chance to count with a ten frame. Your child will also learn the concepts of more than and less than, and begin to understand how to order numbers in sequence. The pack also includes Recipe for a Snow Friend, a lovely story that represents numbers in different ways, as well as Soup for Ten, a sticker storybook that provides a hands-on experience for counting to ten.

Numbers & Counting Steps 4 & 5:

Numbers and Counting Steps 4 & 5 Workbook introduces beginning math skills such as adding to five and subtracting within five. Your child will learn how to recognize and write a plus sign, minus sign, and equal sign. The number line is presented as a visual tool that helps young learners identify how many in all (addition) and how many are left (subtraction). Mark milestones in your child’s workbook with the star stickers included with the pack. Enjoy Kazoo the Babysitter, a sticker storybook with hands-on addition practice, as well as Field Mice Day, a delightful story featuring subtraction.

Numbers & Counting Steps 6 & 7:

In Numbers and Counting Workbook Steps 6 & 7, young learners get their first chance to trace numbers 0 to 20. They’ll continue to work with number lines as they learn to count on (addition) and count back (subtraction). Ordering numbers from smallest to biggest is reviewed, and the ten frame tool is revisited as your child learns how to represent larger quantities up to 20. Lastly, learners are introduced to the “friends of 10,” which demonstrate how many different ways there are to make 10. Use the included sheet of star stickers to note progress in the workbook. Enjoy the whimsical Building a Number Line storybook as well as Ant House, a sticker storybook that encourages your child to practice addition skills.

Numbers & Counting Steps 8 & 9:

Numbers and Counting Steps 8 & 9 Workbook continues to build your child’s skills in assessing numbers to determine which ones are bigger (more than) or smaller (less than). Making comparisons and understanding how numbers relate to each other is an important part of early math and helps builds number sense. In this workbook, young learners have many opportunities to strengthen their skills in adding to 10. Your child’s achievements can be noted with the included star stickers. These concepts are also presented in unique ways with two colorful storybooks. More, Please is a delightful story of twins who constantly compare which of them has more (or less). The sticker storybook Quite a Quilt includes hands-on activities allowing your child to practice adding with the “friends of 10.”

Numbers & Counting Steps 10 & 11:

The Numbers and Counting level of Hooked on Math culminates with the Steps 10 & 11 Workbook, which reviews subtraction within 10 as well as mixed operations. Young learners practice using ten frames, number lines, solving word problems, and more. Your child will learn addition and subtraction fast facts to 10 to strengthen their math fluency and automaticity. As always, celebrate success with the included star stickers! Then enjoy reading Ten Treats, a sweet number line story. There’s also a sticker storybook, Hop on the Bus, to give your child a chance to add and subtract by counting passengers as they come and go from a crazy bus.

Elementary Math Steps 1 & 2:

Start your child’s journey in Elementary Math with the first pack, which includes Steps 1 & 2 Workbook. This playful workbook lays the groundwork for future mathematical learning by introducing concepts such as odd and even numbers, repeated addition, and arrays. It also reviews and reinforces strategies for adding two or more numbers. Celebrate milestones in the workbook with the included stickers. Also enjoy two unique math storybooks: Little Sister, which features examples of a common addition strategy, while The Big Surprise is an amusing storybook that highlights arrays.

Elementary Math Steps 3 & 4:

Continue learning with Elementary Math Steps 3 & 4 Workbook, and dive deeper into double-digit addition, both with and without regrouping. Mark milestones in the workbook with the sheet of star stickers included with the pack. There are also two math storybooks to enjoy! Take off with Chow’s Zippy Day, a story that represents two- and three-digit numbers in action using place value blocks. Then get ready for A Visit with Madam Addison, a hilarious rhyming book that includes examples of two-digit regrouping.

Elementary Math Steps 5 & 6:

Build on your learner’s success with the third pack in Elementary Math that includes the workbook for Steps 5 & 6. Instead of addition, this pack teaches double-digit subtraction, both with and without regrouping. (This concept is sometimes referred to as “borrowing.”) Get ready to use the included sheet of star stickers to celebrate success as your child masters these operations. Two unique storybooks continue the math adventure. First, The Rainforest—a trip through the Amazon that features skip counting backward by 10. Then enjoy reading The Grand Meerkat Hotel, a heartwarming story that illustrates two-digit subtraction with regrouping.

Elementary Math Steps 7 & 8:

Your learner’s math skills are really taking off! In your next pack, you’ll receive the workbook for Elementary Math Steps 7 & 8. That means your child will be working with place value up to 1,000, identifying counting patterns, and comparing numbers up to four digits. You’re sure to be proud of their work as you celebrate their learning with the included star stickers. You and your learner will also enjoy a new way of looking at these math concepts with two original storybooks. In The Flying Disc,aliens take a trip through the galaxy to find the fastest place to toss their toy, comparing speeds along the way. In the light-hearted story The Election, compare voting tallies using place value to see which silly pal runs away with the win!

Elementary Math Steps 9 & 10:

Taking little steps adds up to reaching big goals in Elementary Math, as your child completes this level with the workbook for Step 9. Your learner will be adding and subtracting—with regrouping—for numbers within 1,000. Recognize and celebrate their hard work with the included sheet of star stickers. Or explore the math concepts with two exclusive storybooks. In TheFun Run, calculate on the go to see how many paces Miss Gallop needs to complete a 1,000 step race—and what kind of adorable complication she encounters. Then see how close the pals get to reaching a fundraising goal in Kazoo and the Fair and see what one determined pal does to put them over the top!

Hooked on Spelling Practice Pack: 

The Hooked on Spelling Practice Pack is a hands-on way to support your child’s spelling skills while using the Hooked on Spelling App. Workbook 1 reinforces skills learned in the App, including pen-and-paper practice with beginning and ending consonant sounds and blends, short vowel sounds, diagraphs, and more. Workbook 2 complements additional App learning and includes long vowels, vowel pairs, the soft sounds of c and g, plural endings, and more. And the Activity Book shares supplemental ideas and activities and a set of A-Z spelling cards to get kids engaged with Hooked on Spelling.

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